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UpperLVL Worship is a growing downtown Nanaimo faith community, hosted within LevelTwo Nightclub. We’re passionate in creating a welcoming space for people to experience the awesomeness of God together, while building genuine relationships.

Doubters, the spiritually-curious, and those whose hearts are on fire for Jesus can hit the dance floor together for floor shaking faith-fuelled EDM and hip-hop DJ sets, and participate in thoughtful and open discussions where questions are encouraged as we navigate Biblical messages shared from our growing team of community pastors.

UpperLVL Worship Cross
UpperLVL Worship Cross
UpperLVL Worship Cross
Austin Penner DJing


We’re in a nightclub, so it’s all good if you want to have a drink or two.

Our host venue LevelTwo Nightclub is staffed and licensed to serve both alcoholic beverages and mocktails.

If you choose to consume alcohol during our gatherings, we ask that you do so respectfully!


LevelTwo Nightclub is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

a full worship day


UpperLVL Worship welcomes all people regardless of cultural and/or religious background, gender identity, and/or sexuality. We want to hear your story, to listen in on your life and provide a safe place for you to explore faith and walk alongside you.


We believe that we are all made in the image of God. So come get to know Him with us!


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